Confessions of an Occasional Flosser

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I do a decent job of visiting my dentist every 6 months. While I am walking out of the dentist wishing I had chap stick and wondering why my gums are so tender, I almost always schedule that next appointment. It’s the right thing to do. What I don’t normally do is start myself on a rigorous flossing plan 6 months before my next appointment. Generally speaking, I wait until a month before my appointment to get serious about my flossing. I try to rally. Rallying is something that we all do in many aspects of our work and life. We get off track and then squeeze our efforts into the last few moments before the event. It can work, but one area it doesn’t work is in planning a meaningful retreat for your organization.

As we head into planning season, my advice for you is — don’t wait. Get started now! If we were to develop our ideal scenario for our best retreats, they have three common threads: Time, simplicity and an outside perspective [...]