J. Forrest enjoys sharing his work experiences with human resources and business audiences throughout the community, striving to provide people with the knowledge they need to keep sight of the real purpose of one’s organization. View Full Media Press Kit on web browser.

We are driven by the belief that work can be impactful and fun.” — J. Forrest

We yearn for work that is enjoyable, meaningful, and engaging. When we are engaged we are more impactful and present. It is for these reasons that organization culture matters. J.’s popular topics include:

Culture: Why it Matters
Whether Intended or not, every organization has a workplace culture. This workshop looks at tendencies of workplace culture and ways to kick-start a great place to work, igniting energy and excitement in the workplace.

(Un)Written Rules
Unwritten rules run rampant in an organization. This workshop is designed to examine an organization’s unwritten rules and how to turn them into productivity gains.

Team Development with Myers Briggs
This interactive session with the MBTI personality assessment tool focuses on self and team awareness, as well as fundamental applications to conflict and communication.

The “Intraprenuer”
The role and place for authenticity is becoming more and more prevalent. This workshop outlines how to find social and emotional leaders, create community, and build a connection to your purpose internally.

I had the pleasure of working with J. to provide a training at a nonprofit conference on the topic of “Leading from the Middle.” J. received high marks in the conference evaluation for being knowledgeable, a skilled facilitator, a clear presenter, and for his sense of humor. From ideation through after-conference follow up, J. was sharp, responsive, flexible and delivered excellent results. I also highly recommend J. for any training or facilitation needs you may have.” — Nicole Forsythe, Digital Services Librarian, Kirkwood Community College