Performance Management Flaw – Forgetting 10 Months of the Year

In our series that examines the flaws of traditional performance management, flaw number 7 highlights the Golden Gate Bridge Effect of the review cycle.

I have heard this explained a number of ways over the years.  Recency.  Organizational Amnesia.  A phenomenon of performance reviews is that we remember those things that happened within the very recent past.

If you look at a Suspension Bridge like the Golden Gate from the perspective of the water, you get the normal workflow for traditional performance reviews.  From the left, the first tower illustrates the beginning of the year—time to set goals. Then begins the drop-off—the point at which no one looks at performance.  Do we not care about performance from February to November?  10 months of the year.  Of course not, we just don’t care about the Performance Review system.  The primary reason for that, in my opinion, is because the system doesn’t tell us how we are progressing as an organization or individuals.  What if your performance review gave you updates on organization performance?

Our performance review tool, Alignamite, is predicated on your organization’s goals being included and, you won’t believe it, provides email updates anytime the organization progresses on one of those goals. By pushing updates from the organization dashboard, you are creating an even flow and a more accurate sampling of each employees performance year—not a Suspension Bridge.

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