Welcome to J. Forrest’s blog with insights on entrepreneurship, culture, and strategy to create great places to work.

“Seeing the Forrest for the Trees,” loosely translated as someone who is so involved in the details that they fail to see the big picture.  J. will be posting tips and advice to help keep sight of the real purpose of one’s organization. This blog will also include guest bloggers that are well connected with J. bringing in more knowledge to manage effective leadership, organization development, and so much more related topics helping people manage their workplace.

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Shortly after graduating from St. Olaf College, J. Forrest had his first painful job experience. His search for purpose led to a number of networking meetings in an era before coffee shops. At age 23 while eating at a now defunct Mexican restaurant, he mapped out his career path on a sheet of paper. When he found that sheet of paper 10 years later (yes, he kept it in a “Career Development” file), he realized his career up to that point had gone just as he had envisioned it. The college-ruled sheet of paper outlined the next steps to start his own organization development consultancy, thus, Employee Strategies was created in 2006. J. strives to incorporate three values into his practice, responsive, results and fun. Employee Strategies takes into account both the company and the employee perspective when working with their clients. This perspective, coupled with the fun experience that Employee Strategies brings to the process, makes them a “Non-HR HR consulting firm.”

The success of Employee Strategies, along with J.’s passion for developing performance management tools, led to the creation of Alignamite, a performance management software application. He believes that transparency and accountability are crucial for reaching the goals set out, from both an employer and employee standpoint. Alignamite has cube fred with owners, managers and employees alike. It’s simplicity helps speed adoption and impact.

J. is an active member of the community, having served on the Board of Directors for Project for Pride in Living and St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. He is also an active contributor to Leadership and Community, a collaborative community blog devoted to providing awareness on leadership and community insights in the Twin Cities.

A dad, husband, son, brother, uncle, friend and neighbor, J. utilizes his relationships to provide context to his presentations and create a level of understanding with his audience.

The opinions and advice J. expresses here are not owned by Employee Strategies or Alignamite.